Campbell v. City of New York, et al

Case number
Court district
United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
Plaintiff gender, specified in lawsuit
Incident date
December 26, 2013
Incident time
Stop Location
Incident county
New York (Manhattan)
Settlement amount


First Incident: Plaintiff was in the park when someone offered to gamble with him. Although he declined, Plainclothes officers approached him, unlawfully searched him, and handcuffed him and the other man. Plaintiff was brought to a precinct and given a DAT for 225.02 and 225.30(2). Charges were later dismissed 30.30Second Incident: Plaintiff was near the park when he was approached by and undercover soliciting drugs. Although Plaintiff ignored him, he was arrested, taken to the 25th Precinct, and charged with 221.40, which was later dismissed 30.30

Plaintiff Attorney

Jeffrey Adam Rothman Jeffrey Rothman -Attorney at Law 315 Broadway, Suite 200 New York, NY 10007 (212)227-2980 Email: [email protected]

False Criminal Charges Outcome

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