Perez v. City of New York et al

Case number
Court district
United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
Incident date
February 4, 2015
Incident time
Stop Location
Incident county
Richmond (Staten Island)


While Plaintiff was standing on the sidewalk, marked police vehicle pulled up and two officers approached him. An officer then smashed Mr. Perezís head against a gate and continued assaulting him with a baton and discharging pepper spray in his eyes. Plaintiff was hospitalized, taken into custody, and then charged with false charges that were later ACD'd.

Plaintiff Attorney

Alexander G.P. Goldenberg Cuti Hecker Wang LLP 305 Broadway, Suite 607 New York, NY 10007 212-620-2607 Fax: 212-620-2617 Email: [email protected] ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED

False Criminal Charges Outcome

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