Cramer et al v. The City of New York et al

Case number
Court district
United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
Plaintiff gender, specified in lawsuit
Multiple Plaintiffs
Incident date
May 11, 2014
Stop Location
Motor Vehicle
Incident county
Precinct taken to


While Plaintiff was sitting in his parked car, defendant officers approached him, ordered him to exit, and forcefully arrested him. Sgt. Boyce put Plaintiff in a chokehold and Officers beat him multiple times. Plaintiff was taken to the 102nd Precinct and then the hospital. He was charged with 120.5(3); 195.05; 205.30; 1192(4); 221.05; and 240.20. Six days later, Plaintiff was driving and pulled over to let a police car pass. Instead, the police car pulled along side of him, the same officers from the previous arrest approached the car, and issued Plaintiff a summons for "Double Parking", which was later dismissed. Two days after that, Plaintiff was again pulled over by the same officers who issued him a summons for a moving violation and called his physician regarding his proscribed medication. The summons was dismissed but Officers continued to harass Plaintiff. Four days later, Officers obtained a warrant for Plaintiff's arrest and search of residence. Plainclothes officers arrested Plaintiff, strip searched him in public view, and charged Plaintiff with 220.50 (2); 220.50 (3); 265.01 (1); 265.01 (2), 10-131-B (1); 140.40; and 221.05, which are still pending. Officers also searched Plaintiff's grandmothers apartment.

Plaintiff Attorney

Matthew Alan Kaufman Offices of Matthew A. Kaufman 225 Broadway Suite 1606 New York, NY 10007 212-374-0680 Email: [email protected]

Other Patterns of Misconduct
False Criminal Charges Outcome

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