How can I remove or correct information displayed on CAPstat?
Please see our Data Correction and Removal Policies below.

Isn’t it a violation of privacy to post Officers’ names, salaries, and other identifying information?
All identifying information that appears on CAPstat comes from publicly available records, including Officer names, salaries, involvement in lawsuits, and allegations of misconduct.

Why can’t I find a record/why hasn’t this record been updated/can you add a record?
CAPstat is a snapshot of data collected from 2015-2018, and so data from before or after that time will not necessarily appear here. Additionally, this is not a complete record of all records of police misconduct and many instances of misconduct may not appear here. Note: Updates to CAPstat are currently on hold.

Can you help me find someone who appears on CAPstat?
We cannot provide any additional information to help you contact someone who appears on this website.

I have video footage of police misconduct. Will you post it or investigate it?
CAPstat provides data that is a matter of public record. We do not investigate claims of police misconduct or publish media that has not been vetted by another organization. If you have experienced or witnessed police misconduct and would like to consult with an attorney on the process for seeking accountability, including filing a civilian complaint against the officers involved, please contact our Cop Accountability Clinic at [email protected] or 212-298-3303.

Can I have raw data from your website, or can you help me find a particular lawsuit or more information?
We are not currently providing raw data. We do not provide assistance in locating records that do not appear on the website.

CAPstat Data Correction and Removal Policies


When working with large data sets, errors are inevitable. We recognize that there may be errors on our site and appreciate any feedback to correct those errors. We will work to quickly fix any errors brought to our attention in accordance with the following policies:

  1. Things we will change:
    1. Any information (payroll, news, lawsuits, disciplinary allegations) that does not accurately reflect the public record
    2. Any information (payroll, news, lawsuits, disciplinary allegations) that corresponds to the wrong officer
    3. Updates to outdated information, such as lawsuits marked as pending that have since been settled or dismissed. Note: Updates to CAPstat are currently on hold.
    4. Any incorrect officer identifiers, such as start dates, shield#s, or commands
    5. Additional lawsuits or allegations identified through public sources. Note: Updates to CAPstat are currently on hold.
    6. Incorrect categorizations of lawsuit or disciplinary allegations
  2. Things we will not change:
    1. Payroll information (salary, rank, overtime) that differs from NYC Payroll Data. Having a single, official source maintains the integrity of our data. If there are errors, you should contact the Office of Payroll Administration. CAPstat's payroll data reflects the state of public record at the time of the original FOIL responses.

We will review requests for the removal of data on a case by case basis and respond accordingly. We also understand that some lawsuits or disciplinary allegations may have been dismissed. While we will not remove this data, we will do our best to make sure that our site accurately reflects the outcomes of the allegations.

  1. Things we will remove:
    1. Any confidential information that is not a matter of public record
    2. News articles that have been removed from all other web sources due to inaccuracy and retracted by the publication
    3. Information that has successfully been removed from search engines and public record
  2. Things we will not remove:
    1. An active officer’s profile
    2. An active officer’s misconduct allegations that are publicly archived
    3. An inactive, retired, or deceased officer’s profile
    4. Any information that is a matter of public record, including that which comes from payroll data, lawsuits, news/media, or disciplinary allegations