About Us

This website was inspired by decades of work by grassroots movements, journalists, civil rights attorneys, academics and policy makers that have advocated for learning from litigation data to improve policing policies, trainings, early intervention systems and accountability. The data was collected by The Legal Aid Society’s Special Litigation Unit Cop Accountability Project team, led by Cynthia Conti-Cook and Julie Ciccolini. It was first collected for Legal Aid's Criminal Defense Practice defenders and the thousands of clients we serve every year all over the City. Thanks to the Invisible Institute’s Citizen Police Data Project from Chicago for their beneficial input.

In addition to the database of 30,000 civilian complaints gathered by the Invisible Institute in the Citizens Police Data Project of Chicago, other projects similar to this one exist in Chicago and New Jersey. In NYC, BuzzFeed published a database of NYPD charges and disciplinary outcomes from 2011-2015. CAPstat.nyc joins this family of projects seeking to improve transparency around police misconduct allegations and police accountability systems through public facing databases.